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Emakhosikati involved in charities and other activities

By Thandeka Matsebula

HAVE you ever noticed that the Emakhosikati to His Majesty King Mswati III are actively involved in so many things that take place in the country, especially in charities?
The six are Inkhosikati LaMatsebula, LaMotsa, LaMbikiza, LaNgangaza, LaMagwaza and LaKhumalo.
They are all good looking and their involvement in the country's prosperity makes them feel welcomed everywhere they set their foot on.
They are mostly noticed in church events, weddings, reed dances, opening functions, Incwala ceremony..you name it. I decided to take a look at things they've been involved in.

Inkhosikati LaMatsebula
Although she's low-profiled, she has participated in events like Incwala ceremony, churches services-usually at Somhlolo National Stadium, reed dances and other events taking place within the Royal premises. She was also asked to present a speech at the Mandlangemphisi area.

Inkhosikati LaMotsa
The Patron of St Annes Girls School situated at Malkerns. She has been seen presenting speeches to the public and was amongst the other wives to His Majesty who got to be introduced to the Miss World 1994 finalists at the Lozitha Royal Palace.

Inkhosikati LaMbikiza
SHE the Patron and founder of the Lusito Charity Organisation, whose main objective is to help the provide monetary assistance to those needy children who can't afford to pay their own medical bills more especially for operations in South Africa.
In an interview she said she was motivated by thenumerous cases which she saw on newspapers and television about the underpriviledged people. This touched her heart such that she wished she'd help those people. These included children who had no money for education, hospitalisation and people who suffered from natural diseases.
'Unfortunately she was forced to choose one that she felt ws important and that was Health!
She's also the Patron of SINAN, an organisation that helps lot in preaching the breastfeeding gospel.
Her organisation has hosted entertainment events, where she also was involved in.
This include a sponsored walk which was joined by South African singers namely Tsekeleke and Senyaka. Some Cabinet Ministers also joined that walk.
LaMbikiza also donated a set of beds at the Mbabane and St Phillips Clinic, which was greatly appreciated by the Ministry of Health.
She also donated an amount of E20 000 to a child that was suffering from a neurological defect known as Meningocele.
Her organisation hosted a very glittering occassion known as the Gala Dinner and Dance which saw top South African personalities. His Majesty King Mswati 111 also graced the occassion. The other Emakhosikati to him, LaNgangaza, LaKhumalo and LaMagwaza were also there to witness it.
Testing intelligence in children is one major thing in her organisation, where it host the Lusito King and Queen, not only on beauty grounds but on understanding of charity and what it means to them.
In every charitable thing she does or presents, she doesn't leave out her kids, Sikhanyiso and Lindaninkosi, otherwise called Nincho.
She has been asked time and again to present speeches in events happening around the country, mainly donations. This includes donation of clothes to the Sibandze twins and was asked to present a cheque to last year's Sales House Club winner.

Inkhosikati LaNgangaza
Another lady of charity within the Royal premises. LaNgangaza is the Patron of Swaziland Hospice at Home, an organization that takes care of the terminally ill at their homes. She passed her concern about the well being of people, destitute, the sick, the aged and the disabled.
'I'm very concerned about the well being of people that is why I felt obliged to help when hospice approached me," she said.
During the Royal Tour in Kuwait last May, she had a chance of visiting the home for the disabled, where she recognised how they were treated. LaNgangaza feels that the environment in which the disabled people should live in, is one with appropriate facilities to suit their life.
Her organization was presented with a cheque close to E15 000 where she expressed her thank you's and willingness to continue serving the organization.
She also delivered a wonderful speech on teenagers being involved in drugs at the Bosco Skills Centre last year at a function that was hosted by the Anti- Aids Club.
She strongly believes in culture, especially the pride which one should have when he's fully dressed in the country's attire (imvunulo). She even put an example during the time when she was on tour in the Middle East, where the traditional attire attracted many people because of it's naturality and it's attractive colour.
LaNgangaza is also a member of the aged, namely Ekulondvoloteni Old Aged Home. This organization sees to it that the aged people are well looked after e.g have eaten, are properly dressed, their environment is clean etc.
She is also a member of the Fundzis'Umntfwana Charity Organization, an organization that deals with the welfare of the children who are financially crippled in pursuing their studies. This organization once hosted a succesful sponsored walk which was attended by South African actors, Joe 'Sdumo' Mafela and Eric 'Laqasha' Mlangeni of Sgudie's'Nice. Also present was Lawrence Dube- Radio Metro's disc-jockey and Bob Mabena-the presenter of Studio Mix musical programme on SABC 1.
She is also into beauty. She has been implicated in this year's Miss Swaziland organising commitee, where she'd act as a pillar in the sponsorship side. Early this week she held a meeting with the other organisers where they looked at how they can raise funds for the pageant and techniques of scouting for sponsorship.
In the year 94', she got introduced to the Miss World finalists who paid a courtesy visit to the Royal Household.

Inkhosikati LaMagwaza
THE Patron of Safe Motherhood Organization, an organization that deals with the reproduction, family planning in women. She has been asked to present so many speeches.
She was the main guest amongst the celebrities in the glittering Swazi Cultural Day that was celebrated at Simunye Country Club last year, a day which showed the pride of the Swazi people who love and follow their culture.
She is also Patron of the Bodzadze Asibambisane Organization, a youth organization which looks after the welfare of teenagers. It also deals with the issues of teenage pregnancy.
She also showed her concern to the disabled children at the St Joseph’s Mission School.

Inkhosikati LaKhumalo
SHE is another lady who has been involved in the happenings around the country.
She was asked to hand over certificates during the MacCorkondale Fun Day at the Hlane Nature Park, an event which was graced by the country’s beauty Ambassador, Olive Healey. These are the orphaned kids who reside at the St Joseph’s Mission School.