King urges world leaders to combat drugs

By Musa Ndlangamandla

HIS Majesty King Mswati III yesterday declared war on drug trafficking and urged 100 world leaders to join hands to fight the cross-border scourge.
He charged that Heads of State owed it to the people to help develop the world into a safe place for the future of all.
The King said it was Swaziland's wish to have the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice expanded to deal with drug trafficking and terrorism.
His Majesty was addressing the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Durban, where he also called for equal opportunity and prosperity for all God's children.
The King was accompanied to the meeting by Inkhosikati LaHwala and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Albert Shabangu.
"The Kingdom of Swaziland welcomes and supports the UN initiative for establishing the International Criminal Court of Justice to complement National Judicial Systems and give support where it is required.
"However, we feel that its jurisdiction should be widened to deal with crimes which are cross border in nature such as drug trafficking and terrorism," he said.
He noted that drug trafficking and terrorism had proved impossible to deal with, in the national context.
"Drug trafficking possess a threat to all and a reminder of the tragic consequences of terrorism were occurrences with our brothers in East Africa.
"I hope you will support our view that a Committee should be set up by the UN to give the court the mandate it needs to make headway," he said.
Though he did not specify, the King was referring to a recent terrorist attack in Kenya and Tanzania where a bomb killed 275 people and injured more than 5000.
In another matter, the King came down hard on nations which harbour nuclear weapons.
The King said the country was committed to bring pressure to bear to those countries which were reluctant to surrender their instruments of influence.
"We believe the huge resources which are used to maintain and operate nuclear weapons could be put to good use to help the millions of people who suffer from the effects of poverty and strife in many parts of the world," he said.
The King emphasised that peace and mutual trust leads to world prosperity and must not be under threat.
"The Kingdom supports NAM's fight against the spread of nuclear weapons. That disarmament is a high priority assumes greater relevance in what recently happened in South East Asia," he said.
Though he did not specify on the occurrences in Asia, it was apparent that he was referring to recent nuclear tests in India and Pakistan.
"We fully support the Conference on Disamarment and the establishment of an ad hoc committee to start the elimination of nuclear weapons within a specified time. We also support the 2000 Conference on Nuclear Non Proliferation so that we could start the next Millennium on the right footing," he said.