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King warns agains outside interference in Swaziland's domestic affairs

HIS Majesty last year warned the nation against setting land and chieftancy disputes by resorting to violence.

Referring to the killing of five people in succession dispute at KoNtjingila in the Shiselweni region earlier this year, the King was concerned that the conflict is frustrating development.

King Mswati was speaking at an official opening of rehabilitation works at Hlathikhulu Government Hospital.

He told all concerned that he did not all concerned that he did not expect to hear any more about this dispute.

the King called for tolerance, saying the nation should always resolve any differences through negotiations as opposed to the force of arms.

Violence, said His Majesty, will merely lead to loss of life without providing lasting solutions to problems.

He once again warned against copying foreign methods of dealing with problems,, some of which, he said were helping to erode investor confidence in the country.

The Ingwenyama reminded the nation to put the national interest to put the national interest first.

He said that it is important that people have the interest of the country at heart.

"If we are determined to fight for the betterment of this nation, peace and stability should prevail at all time," he said.

these clashes which have become prevalent should come to an end. Some people have died because of them."

The King appealed for peace and stability, saying the two are essential for successful and sustainable national development.

He believed the improvement of the hospital would attract a number of investors to establish businesses at Hlathikhulu.

He said this would be beneficial to Hlathikhulu residents and the surrounding communities who would be given fresh job opportunities.

"Many investors would be keen to open their companies her and their her and the Government is currently trying its best to attract investors to come and open businesses in the country."

He added that it pained him to see the number of unemployed people in the country rising.

He promised to attend to the plight if nurses who are complaining about, among other things, an acute shortage of accommodation.